Zoop Kicks Off 2022 By Opening Its Platform With 5 New Projects

by Brendan M. Allen

Upstart crowdfunding platform Zoop ended 2021 by announcing it was opening up its platform earlier than planned. Due to decisions (blockchain nonsense) by other platforms (Kickstarter), Zoop listened to creators and heard the need for alternatives, and more importantly, responded. Not even a month after that announcement, five new projects have been announced, with more to come.

Creators for each project or members of the Zoop team are available to discuss crowdfunding, comics, or the shifting comic landscape.

Crowdfunding now on Zoop:

La Mano del Destino – Series 2 by J. Gonzo

‘In this NEW series that starts off with this ’80-Page Giant’ comic, we see La Mano del Destino grapple with his most insidious opponent yet: the siren call and casual compromise of a glamorous lifestyle beyond his wildest imaginings. An old friend also re-emerges in desperate need of La Mano del Destino’s help, but can he remain focused enough to fulfill the duties of his newfound position while also appeasing the obligations of this new lifestyle?’

Coming Soon:

ThoughtScape Comics #1-2 by Matt Mair Lowery

‘ThoughtScape Comics is back with issue #2 — and if you missed issue #1, you can pick it up here too!

A new sci-fi anthology comic book series in the tradition of 2000 AD, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone, issue #2 features stories written by Matt Mair Lowery (Scout Comics’ Lifeformed) and drawn by some of the most compelling artists in indie comics, including:

– Grim Wilkins (Mirenda, Quest, Prophet: Earth War)

– Dave Law (The Space Odditorium, Wolf Punks)

– Jacob Edgar (Army of Darkness, Red Sonja) with colors by Lesley Atlansky (Short Order Crooks, Amazing World of Gumball)

– Karl Slominski (Evermore Falls, Cult of Ikarus)

– Tyrell Cannon (Beef Bros, ERIS)’

Skyvein: Volume One by Sen Holiday

‘A fantasy/sci-fi tale of resistance and determination, featuring queer people of color.

This Zoop campaign will bring the first 10 chapters (240 full-color pages) of the popular webcomic to print in a softcover graphic novel.’

Thirty-Three by Juan Ponce, Gavin Guidry & Marco Finnegan

‘Thirty-Three is an over-the-top dark action comedy and family drama. Think John Wick meets Raising Arizona, with a dash of Die Hard for good measure. Fans of Barry and WandaVision will feel right at home here, as will readers of Birthright and The Vision.

This 116-page book collects the first five issues of Thirty-Three, a series that was created for the mature comic reader looking for high stakes action, but also nuance. Brought to you by writer Juan Ponce (Marvel Voices: Comunidades, The World’s Strongest) and amazing artists Gavin Guidry (Captain America: The Ghost Army, Going to the Chapel) and Marco Finnegan (Lizard in a Zoot Zuit, The Keeper), this is a wild ride you won’t want to miss!’

XII: Of Magic and Muses Trilogy by K. Kiomall-Evans

‘A Complex Magical Horror Coming-Of-Age Comic!

Includes Magic and Muses Vol. 1-3 — the entirety of the popular webcomic’s 6-year run — along with standees and new keychains.’

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