Game Freak And Nintendo Drop Thirteen Minute Gameplay Trailer For ‘Pokemon Legends: Arceus’

by Sage Ashford

The Pokemon Company and the developers at Game Freak have dropped a massive gameplay trailer for the upcoming title Pokemon: Legends Arceus. Clocking in at almost fourteen minutes, the trailer goes into detail on what players can expect when the game releases in a couple weeks.

In Pokemon: Legends Arceus, players are part of the Survey Corps, who are on a mission to catalogue and research the Pokemon living in the environments of Hisui. The trailer goes into detail about the different ways players can catch Pokemon, how crafting will work, and what working in the Survey Corps is like.  It also gives another look at Jubilife Village, the big city in the region and the place where players can prepare for their next expedition into the Hisui Region.

Pokemon: Legends Arceus launches for the Nintendo Switch on January 28th.

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