Microsoft Has Stopped Manufacturing Xbox Ones

by Sage Ashford

While Sony has confirmed that they plan to manufacture at least another million PlayStation 4s, Microsoft has apparently already stopped making their last-gen console the Xbox One. That comes from Tom Warren at The Verge, who also points out that both versions of the All-Digital SKUs for the Xbox One had already been discontinued ahead of the Xbox Series X launch.  Now even the Xbox One S is no longer being manufactured.

Presumably, part of the reason for the discontinuation is because the original $299 MSRP for the Xbox One S is exactly the same as the current MSRP for the Xbox Series S. Permanent price cuts have been more and more difficult to come by with modern console hardware, with neither the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One dipping below $299 outside of special sales.

At the same time, this is perhaps Microsoft’s attempt to finally close the book on the Xbox One. It was a system that caused them nothing but problems from the moment it launched, costing $100 more than the PlayStation 4. Comparatively, the Xbox Series console has been much more successful. Estimates from analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter put the console at over 12 million sold already, which is not that far from Sony’s last announced number for the PlayStation 5 of 13 million consoles sold.

Part of this is down to the the Xbox Series S has remained in stock compared to both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, allowing customers a path to the next-generation that’s both cheaper and actually available.

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