Th3rd World Studios Announces Remastered ‘Finding Gossamyr’ SC For March 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

Math is magic. Th3rd World Studios has announced the return of their Finding Gossamyr with an all-new restored paperback edition of the first volume. This fantastical YA sci-fi tale from writer David A. Rodriguez and artist/colorist Sarah Ellerton has been finely remastered and enhanced for the next generation of readers.

‘Denny Auramen, a young boy on the autism spectrum, moves in with his older sister Jenna following their parent’s divorce. Finding it difficult to shoulder so much responsibility, Jenna pushes Denny to solve an ancient theorem that he believes is dangerous, in order to get him into a prestigious math program. 

The theorem sends the children to the world of Gossamyr, a place where math is magic and an ancient evil has been unleashed. Here, Denny’s gifts make him a powerful Arithmancer, but this only complicates the stranded siblings’ already strained relationship. Together, Jenna and Denny must find a way to navigate this treacherous land to not only find their way home, but back to each other.’

“Finding Gossamyr is one of the stories that tugs at the heartstrings,” said Th3rd World Studios Publisher & Creative Director Michael DeVito. “When Dave sent the first script almost a decade ago I knew this was a series that we absolutely needed to publish. Sarah coming on board was the icing on the cake, you’d be hard pressed to find a more beautiful book. Being able to bring this back to print with all of the remastered pages is really special to all of us and we look forward to a whole new generation of readers falling in love with the world of Gossamyr.”

“This has always been the story closest to my heart probably because it is the most personal,” added Rodriguez. “The world may be fantastic, but the challenges and relationships that make it up are all real. Having this story be visualized by an amazing partner like Sarah Ellerton and seeing it embraced by readers has been the most rewarding part of my storytelling journey so far.”

The title is set for release Mar. 23, 2022.

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