Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Okay, so what have you been reading this week? Here’s your regular top-ten-to-takeaway for your weekend entertainment and enjoyment:

  1. It was a week dominated by our coverage of Mark Millar and the release of King of Spies #2. As well as our interview with the man himself we were also the only website to publish King of Spies #1 for free too. Check out my interview with Mark Millar here, and read the debut issue for free here.
  2. Last week’s Review Round Up makes it onto the list too. A regular column that often gets a look-in.
  3. Ben Martin’s Franchise Explosion (or Implosion) looking at the newest Matrix film, Matrix: Resurrection, is another popular column that often appears on this list. As it does again this weekend.
  4. On the TV front my review of this week’s Book of Boba Fett proved popular as was Frank Martin’s review for Superman & Lois season two premier too.
  5. Martin also provided comparative commentary for Locke And Key and Something Is Killing The Children too.
  6. In a very diverse list, gaming news from Gary Catig brought us news on The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross update, the latest Marvel’s Contest of Champions voting campaign and a review for Poupelle of Chimney Town.
  7. And I interviewed James Aquilone about his current Kickstarter campaign for Kolchak: Night Stalker 50th Anniversary graphic novel.
  8. Sticking with comics, we also got news from Richard Bruton of Garth Ennis writing Battle Action Special from Rebellion Publishing.
  9. Marvel celebrates Thor’s 750 issue, as reported by Brendan M. Allen with a star-studded list of contributors.
  10. Tito W. James rounds off the list with his report on what comic creators can learn from the manga boom.

That’s quite the list with a good deal of choice too. TV, comics, film and gaming. It’s not been this varied for a while. We do hope you see something you fancy. And, if not, then maybe this will tickle your fancy. Our little bit of something extra. This weekend I’ll leave you with the opening credits of HBO Max’s Peacemaker. Such a fun scene, and one that no doubt reminds many of the closing credits to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 with its funky and fun choreographed sequence. I mean, what’s not to love!

Have a good one, everyone!

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