Preview: Celebrating 45 Years Of Thrill-Power With The ‘2000 AD Encyclopedia’

by Richard Bruton

As part of the 45th-anniversary celebrations at 2000 AD, the 2000 AD Encyclopedia offers you a chance to have the definitive guide to all things Thrill-powered!

The 2000 AD website exclusive edition of the Encyclopedia, complete with the full, unadulterated SK Moore cover as a poster!

For the first time, the 2000 AD Encyclopedia celebrates 45 years of cutting edge sci-fi, biting dystopian satire and glorious fantasy by giving readers chapter and verse on this enthralling universe of Thrills, detailing the characters and stories that have helped make 2000 AD a groundbreaking comic book and major cultural force.

337 pages of meticulously researched stuff in here, an absolute must for any fan, old or new, of 2000 AD. It covers pretty much everything you need to know about the whole history of the comic, from 1977 right up to 2021, running encyclopedia entries on strips large and small, popular and pretty much forgotten, as well as individual entries for the more important characters – as you can imagine, with all those Judges to cover, the J section is pretty damned big.

As you can see from just the few pages I’ve picked out, there’s plenty of reading, alongside plenty of the great art to go along with each article. You’ll find character histories, story profiles, essential stats, creator information, and so much more.

And all that behind the stunning cover from SK Moore, packing in as many characters as he possibly could from the long history of the comic.

The 2000 AD Encyclopedia – written and compiled by Scott Montgomery, foreward by Matt Smith, cover by Stewart K Moore

The 2000 AD Encyclopedia is released by 2000 AD on 15 February 2022.

Now, a tease for what’s inside…

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