A Ghost With Abandonment Issues: Previewing ‘Junkwraith’

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview Junkwraith, dropping tomorrow under their Top Shelf Productions imprint. The epic quest with icy-cool artwork and sci-fi settings mark Swedish graphic novelist Ellinor Richey’s debut into YA/adult crossover graphic novels. 

‘Junkwraith tells the story of ice-skating prodigy Florence Sato who is overwhelmed by pressure from her parents and peers and throws away her skates. This fateful moment accidentally summons a “junkwraith,” a terrifying ghost which seeks revenge for its abandonment by attacking the memories of its former owner. 

Before she forgets who she is, and to find out who she really wants to be, Florence must set off – with her trusty digital assistant Frank — on a long journey into the Wastelands to face the monster she created.’

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