Tactical RPG About Mecha, ‘Kreigsfront Tactics’, Coming To PC

by Sage Ashford

Developer Toge Productions has announced a new title for mecha and strategy RPG fans in Kreigsfront Tactics. Taking place during an alternate history version of the 70s inside the jungles of Southeast Asia, Kreigsfront Tactics makes players into the leader of an entire squadron battling against other mecha squads. More from the game’s Steam page below:


  • Customize Your Mechs – Customize your mech’s livery, salvage or swap parts, and equip weapons.
  • Recruit Pilots and Build Your Squad – Meet interesting characters and recruit them to join your cause. Each character with their own skills, traits, and stories.
  • Survive 1970s Southeast Asian Jungle – Explore the jungles of Southeast Asia during an era of conflict, encounter events, and uncover secrets in this alternate 1970s world.
  • Execute Tactical Mecha Operations – Plan ahead, strategize, and use your tactical prowess to outsmart your enemies.
  • Metal Crunching Cinematic Combat – Watch the mayhem and destruction unfold, metal against metal

Kreigsfront Tactics is scheduled to come to PC, but currently has no release date.

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