Dan Abnett Takes Red Sonja To King Arthur’s Court In April’s ‘Immortal Red Sonja’

by Erik Amaya

Red Sonja is going (early) medieval in April.

On Thursday, Dynamite Entertainment announced the upcoming Immortal Red Sonja series from writer Dan Abnett and artist Alessandro Miracolo. The story sees Sonja in Arthurian times. Now in the possession of a cursed chainmail shirt (that looks at lot like the one she wore when Barry Windsor-Smith first drew her decades ago), she seeks out the counsel of Merlin. Along the way, she will encounter other Camelot characters and confront the Green Knight.

“It’s worth saying that this isn’t just an arbitrary shift – just taking her and dumping her in a different fantasy realm,” Abnett said in a statement. “The shift is all part of the metastory: she’s been magically sent into these new lands to perform a quest, and that ties very much into Arthurian lore, but she’ll meet many other elements of folklore on the way. We’re giving it a very cool, authentic, and realistic edge too. Forget the glossy Hollywood version, this is a grim and savage vision of what it would have been like if it had really happened.”

Miracolo added, “Luckily I’m a fan of the sword and sorcery genre, but talking to Dan and his idea of bringing Red Sonja into medieval fantasy, it’s fantastic. I love those tales combining two fantastic worlds – it’s really stimulating. I am watching films and reading stories that can give me ideas for my art.”

The first issue will be backed with covers from David Nakayama, Junggeun Yoon, Joseph Michael Linsner, Sean Izaakse, and, of course, a cosplay cover. Immortal Red Sonja is scheduled to hit the stands in April.

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