‘Doctor Who: The Collection — Season 22’ Announced As Next Release

by Erik Amaya

We’re big fans of the classic Doctor Who — so much so that we anticipate the season box sets. Known as “The Collection” in the UK and in the US by the lead actor, each set collects a season’s worth of stories and assorted extras from their DVD era releases with a handful of impeccably produced new special features for a truly definitive experience. And, as it happens, the next scheduled release will close out the Colin Baker era with Doctor Who: The Collection Season 22. Or, for those of us in the US, Doctor Who: Colin Baker — Complete Season One.

The set brings the actor’s first year as the Doctor to Blu-ray with stories including “Attack of the Cybermen,” “Vengeance on Varos,” “The Mark of the Rani,” “The Two Doctors,” “Timelash,” and “Revelation of the Daleks.” It was a pivotal season of the show with the debut of the amoral Rani (Kate O’Mara) and an appearance by the Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton). It was also the year the show’s fortunes revered with BBC One Controller Michael Grade intending to cancel it, but instead putting it on an eighteen-month hiatus when the plan leaked.

That tumult will be covered in some of the new bonus features, which includes a sit-down interview with Grade — a man who’s hatred of Doctor Who apparently runs so deep, he allegedly tried to block Russell T. Davies from reviving the show in 2004. Stars Baker and Nicola Bryant also get new sit-down interviews. Historically, these interviews examine the career of the featured actor and prove to be some of the most interesting material in the Blu-ray extras. How this will translate to Grade is anyone’s guess. Other features including Baker and Bryant touring some of the exterior locations used in their first season as The Doctor and companion Peri, the always delightful “Behind the Sofa” segments, a handful of new audio commentaries, rare behind-the-scenes and convention footage, and more.

But by far, the most curious bonus feature listed is “A Fix With Sontarans.” The infamous sketch — featuring Baker, Janet Fielding as former companion Tegan Jovanka, and a young Doctor Who fan — was part of the Jim’ll Fix It show. Following his death in 2011, host Jimmy Savile was revealed to be an alleged pederast who used the BBC’s culture of not complaining to his advantage. The sketch was missing from the Season 23 box set and many assumed it would be lost media. Now, it returns with commentary from Baker, Fielding, and Gareth Jenkins, the fan featured in the sketch. It will be interesting to see how the matter is covered.

Doctor Who: The Collection Season 22 is available for pre-order at various online outlets, but its release date (even in the UK) is yet to be determined.

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