‘Project Superpowers’ Returns With ‘Fractured States’ And Writers Ron Marz And Andy Lanning

by Erik Amaya

It is the year 2052. A mysterious John Doe awakens without memories – or clothes – to a United States ravaged by environmental disaster and fragmented into constantly warring regions led by superheroes, villains, and mega corporations. Can he figure it all out? And will he be able to find the original Project Superpowers heroes, themselves being hunted down by a mysterious force?

That is the premise of Dynamite’s Project Superpowers: Fractured States by writers Ron Marz and Andy Lanning. Joining them for the tale is artist Emilio Utrera, colorist Arthur Hesli, letterer Tom Napolitano, and editor Brian Cunningham. The upcoming series takes the Project Superpowers world into the not-too-distant futures with echoes some of the bigger fears for our own reality even as it hearkens back to the original run.

“When we were digging into the previous material, we noticed a plethora of patriotic characters,” Marz said in a statement. “Obviously, that makes complete sense, as many of them date to the 1940s, when America was fighting real-world fascism. That seemed like a viable avenue to explore, since America is dealing with its own fascist impulses right now. It allows us to dig into larger themes like the American dream, and what it means to be American. It’s all presented in the guise of a superhero story, but we wanted to make sure we had underpinnings of some meaty stuff in there.”

Lanning added, “For anyone who likes a good old-fashioned tale of classic Golden Age heroes cast into a dark dystopian future world where the country has literally fallen apart around them and malevolent forces have risen to take control of the divided states with a main character who’s got amnesia and must undertake a perilous journey across the dangerous, fractured landscape … then this one’s for you!

Project Superpowers: Fractured States #1 is due out in April.

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