Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Another weekend has arrived and to jeer up you, and cheer you up, here’s our regular ten-to-takeaway:

  1. Movie news to begin with and Erik Amaya presented a first look at Barbara Gordon’s crime-fighting suit from the forthcoming HBO Max film, Batgirl, here.
  2. Sticking with movies and Tito W James brought us his thoughts on the future of comic book based movies here.
  3. Brendan M. Allen brought us not one, but two report on the upcoming Innings Festival Tempe that’s mixing up live music with comic books this February.
  4. Comic book news dominated a good deal of the week’s announcements with AfterShock announcing new series Kaiju Score: Steal from the Gods here.
  5. Brendan M. Allen reported on the return of Mad Cave’s Nottingham this Spring from here, as well as Dark Horse’s announcement for The British Paranormal Society: Time Out of Mind mini-series too. Then there was the debut of new web comic, Haunted Hill here.
  6. Tony Thornley posted a report on Avengers Forever #1, Captain America/Iron Man #1, Shang-Chi #7, and Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1 all getting second printings here.
  7. I brought you all news on Image Comics newest horror comic, A Town Called Terror here.
  8. Plus, my reviews for The Book of Boba Fett episode 4 gets a look in too.
  9. Moving away from comics and Tito W James informed us about Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon coming to Netflix here.
  10. Lastly, a few regular columns that made it on the list once more: Review Round Up, The Weekly 2000 AD and Franchise Explosion (Or Implosion).

Quite the selection there, with something for everyone. And if nothing there tickles your fancy, maybe this little something extra will. A fun little animated parody of the superhero genre created by Sagar Arun and Rachel Kral:

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