From The Director Of ‘The Witness’ Comes A Stunning New Animated Short ‘The Windshield Wiper’

by Tito W. James

[****Warning The Following Content May Not Be suitable for all audiences.]

This anticipated short film from animator Alberto Mielgo (The Witness, Spider-Verse) is a collection of vignettes surrounding the question, “What is Love?” The montage formate refreshingly upends traditional romantic structure in favor of a messier often spontaneous take on the subject. The Windshield Wiper acts as a prism for the many ups and downs of contemporary romantic life around the world. The art direction is simply supreme taking everything explored in Mielgo’s previous work to new depths. With exquisite form and contemplative content its no wonder that The Windshield Wiper is shortlisted for Oscars.

You can watch The Windshield Wiper in full for a limited time on YouTube.

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