David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ Gets A Graphic Novel Adaption From Titan Comics

by Olly MacNamee
The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976) is the cult classic film starring David Bowie and Titan Comics have announced it will get a fully-authorized graphic novel adaption by writer Dan Watters (Cowboy Bebop) and artist Dev Pramanik (Dune: House Atreides). And out later this year.

“The story follows an extra-terrestrial called Thomas Jerome Newton (played in the movie by David Bowie) who lands on Earth in search of water to save his dying home planet. Using his advanced scientific knowledge, Thomas becomes incredibly rich thanks to dozens of inventions his company releases. He uses his wealth to search for a way to transport water back to his home planet, but as his wealth and his fame grows, Thomas becomes a target of interest to the U.S. Government who begin to investigate him.”

“The Man Who Fell to Earth is a masterpiece of a film with an awful lot to say; about men, about the Earth, and lots of things in between. There are ideas in the film, about climate crises and corporate greed, that are more relevant now than they were when Nicolas Roeg set out to make it. And now here we are. I think it’s high time to look at the world through Thomas Newton’s mismatched eyes all over again. Perhaps he’ll see something we’ve been missing.” – Dan Watters

The Man Who Fell to Earth graphic novel will be out this Fall from Titan Comics

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