AHOY Comics To Publish ‘G.I.L.T.’ A New Time-Travelling Tale Taking Readers Back To The ’70s

by Olly MacNamee

Alisa Kwitney (Rogue: Untouched, Mystik U) and artist Mauricet (Star Wars Adventures, Dastardly & Muttley) team up with AHOY Comics to publish a new time-travelling romantic dramedy, G.I.L.T. A new sci-fi series that will transport readers and the two main characters back to the ’70s:

“Meet Hildy Winters, a bawdy, outspoken old broad with a pack-a day habit and a very desirable apartment on New York City’s Upper West Side that has its very own time-travel portal. Hildy belongs to G.I.L.T., the Guild of Independent Lady Temporalists. Their prime directive: Do not alter the past without co-op board approval!”

Kwitney explained more about this new unorthodox time-travelling series:

“G.I.L.T. follows two very different women whose lives become entangled when they both slip through a portal in time to the day they first met in 1973. Trista is the Bill Murray of home health care aides, a cynical screw-up who doesn’t care for anything but her Fleuvog shoes and her paycheck. She meets her match in Hildy, a sarcastic second-wave feminist living on a steady diet of cigarettes and regret. When Hildy seizes her last chance to return to a fateful day in 1973, she accidentally takes Trista along for the ride. But as the old saying goes, there are no accidents in time travel. And Hildy and Trista don’t remember each other, but they met each other forty years earlier—on Hildy’s wedding day. Now they’ve got to come to terms with the past before they accidentally dismantle the future.

G.I.L.T. provides an escape from our present day anxieties and allows us to revisit those halcyon days of Nixon, polyester leisure suits and unlimited indoor smoking. It’s also the perfect comic for everyone who’s ever been seduced by a self-help guru with a really luxurious mustache.”

Variant cover by Jill Thompson

AHOY Comics Editor-in-Chief Tom Peyer added:

“Although there are no saintly saviors, no feisty felines, and no weird recipes, G.I.L.T. is instantly recognizable as one of our own. It’s witty, surprising, and features some of the best art of Mauricet’s career. And like all of the best AHOY series, G.I.L.T. is very, very funny in a way that refuses to cheer you up at all.” 

And artist Mauricet gets the final word:

“A dramedy about people with feelings? No spandex superdudes beating the sh!t out of each other? The 1930s, 1970s and 2010s colliding with a touch of mad magazine parody? All of this written by my favorite writer and published by AHOY? Where do I sign?”

G.I.L.T. #1 will debut on April 6th, 2022. For every 2 copies of cover A (Mauricet) ordered, retailers can order 1 copy of cover B (Jill Thompson).

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