Review: ‘Night Of The Ghoul’ #4 Delivers More Shocks And Horror

by Olly MacNamee


‘Night of the Ghoul’ #4 continues to lay on the chills and shocking thrills as we journey between the present and the fictional past of the cursed film that kickstarted this whole tale of terror. And, on both film and off, the perils are piling up.


From the title and throughout, Night of the Ghoul #4 evokes the early Silver Age horror film fill brimming with tension, foreshadowing and the judicious injection of shocking scene of horror. Such as the scene we witnessed at the end of last issue which is revised here; Skeen vomiting maggots onto the already gnarly and creepy Merrit, with his visitor, Forest, witnessing to all from the safety of a cupboard, but suffering nonetheless at what he is seeing infold. Heart-pounding stuff.

Meanwhile, Forest’s son is all alone, which is never a good thing in stories like these. And like so many youthful characters before him, ignores adult advise, in this case his mother’s advise. Which all leads hims down a very dangerous path.

Scott Snyder once more swings the story between the cursed black and white film and the present day, allowing the tension between scenes to fester and build. A tension that is rewarded with the sight of some truly gruesome ghouls, as imagined by artist Francesco Francavilla. The scene itself is also markedly different from other scene in the comic book because of the inclusion of a purple and magenta colour scheme, that isn’t as garish as you would imagine given the dark nature and even darker underground setting. 

What marks this series out from other horror stories of this nature is the inclusion of the cursed film. And as we journey through the issue, like any good parallel storyline, there are the hints that these two separate stories have more in common than first suggested in the earlier issues. It’s a story of two halves, but both with a creeping feeling of foreboding and a sense that this will not happily ever after. I have my theories on how this may play out, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone if I’m right. And, I dare say you have too? 

Night of the Ghoul #4 is out now on comiXology Originals

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