’45 Years Of 2000 AD’: 45 Incredible Artists Unveiled For Anniversary Book

by Richard Bruton

It’s the 45th anniversary of ‘The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic’ in 2022 and publishers Rebellion have unveiled another big anniversary book, 45 Years of 2000 AD.

2000AD.com exclusive slipcase edition


45 artists, one for every year, celebrating the entire world of 2000 AD, a mix of celebrated 2000 AD alumni old and new, Mick McMahon, Simon Coleby, Dave Kendall et al, some huge names of US comics, Annie Wu, Mike Allred, Kelley Jones et al, and some wonderfully left-field choices. I for one can’t wait to see what Jamie Smart and John Allison have come up with!

The hardback book is out on 25th May from book and comic shops, along with an exclusive slipcase edition from the 2000 AD web shop. This is one of those beautiful-looking things that will adorn your bookshelves for many years!

Okay then… deep breath… the artistic talent on display here… Chris Weston, D’Israeli, Henry Flint, Kevin O’Neill, Mike Perkins, Richard Elson, Sean Phillips, Simon Coleby, Staz Johnson, Steve White, James Harren, Dave Kendall, Raid71, Rachael Stott, Kyle Hotz, Eduardo Ocana, Brett Parson, Mick McMahon, V.V. Glass, Kelley Jones, Andreas Butzbach, Vincenzo Riccardi, Jamie Smart, Hannah Templar, Michael Allred, Colleen Doran, Sanford Greene, Chun Lo, Francesco Francavilla, The Gurch, Stathis Tsemberlidis, Phil Noto, Jenn St-Onge, Ian McQue, Annie Wu, Josh Hicks, Lando, John Allison, Mateus Manhanini, Priscilla Bampoh, Langdon Fodd, and Kev Walker.

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