Grant Gustin Nearing New ‘Flash’ Deal; Season 9 Now Likely

by Erik Amaya

And just like that, the fate of The Flash changes.

Deadline reports star Grant Gustin is nearing a new deal to return for (at least) one more season of the flagship Arrowverse series. Their sources report Gustin is ready to agree to fifteen-episode commitment with a “sizeable raise” from his previous $200,000+ per episode fee.

The news is surprising as the series seemed to be heading for its final run. Its opening Season 8 storyline, “Armageddon” was a tour of the Arrowverse and a seeming preview of stories that could be told on other shows. Also, the possible sale of The CW means the network’s superhero-focused nights could soon be abandoned, making the veteran (and expensive) show a possible deletion. Additionally, showrunner Eric Wallace teased earlier this year that the last storyline he pitched to the network when he took over the series will begin to air in March.

But maybe one final victory lap is exactly what The Flash needs, especially if it can do so with the true focus a fifteen-episode season can provide.

As Deadline notes, the network usually starts its early renewal process around this time, which means the fate of the Arrowverse as a whole will soon be decided. We expect the rest of the shows will likely get one more year as it keeps the network an attractive prospect for potential buyers. After that, though, the shows might want to consider a final crossover called “Zero Hour.”

The Flash returns March 9th on The CW.

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