Review: ‘X Deaths Of Wolverine’ #1 Is Much More Than It Appears

by Tony Thornley

Last week, we saw Wolverine begin a time travel adventure that promised to change Krakoa forever. The week before that, Krakoa really was changed forever in the wake of Inferno. In X Deaths of Wolverine #1 those two stories collide, in an extremely unexpected and exciting way.

Cover by Adam Kubert & Frank Martin

The second part of the huge X-Men event launches with this issue, and I’m excited to see where this goes. The interesting thing though is that it’s not so much a Wolverine story. It comes from Benjamin Percy, Federico Vincentini, Dijjo Lima, Frank Martin, Cory Petit, and Tom Muller.

Moira MacTaggert is on the run. Not just from Raven Darkholme, who is now out for revenge for the hurt and pain that she caused her, but from death itself. What she doesn’t consider though is that there might be more to her last days on earth, as a dark figure rises from beneath Krakoa, one that could change the course of the island nation as well as Moira’s life!

I struggled with last week’s X Lives. It had some interesting ideas and a few cool moments, but it was a little too straightforward for something that was supposed to drive the line forward. This story completely changes my opinion though.

Centering this issue on Moira, after all her time in the background the last two years, is a welcome change of pace. We get into her head, and her motivations for the first time. Though we don’t get answers, especially as to why she’s pivoted back towards curing mutantkind especially in the wake of Krakoa’s success, we do get an understanding of who she is, and her drive to survive.

The surprise of how Wolverine fits into this story was a welcome one, and a cliffhanger that I want to know more about right away. The only thing that doesn’t sit quite right for me is Mystique’s attitude change, especially after where Inferno left her.

Vencentini’s work is a lot of fun. The issue is a cover to cover chase scene, and he gives it the high energy, kinetic treatment it deserves. His figure work is distinct, giving each character a unique personality on the page, both in stillness and in movement. Lima and Martin both enhance the pages with their colors, setting it apart from most of the X-Men books by avoiding the dominant colors of Krakoa itself.

Petit has become an unsung hero of the X-Men line. His letters are solid, but he also goes a little more subtle with his sound effects, making them feel like a part of the art instead of standing out on top of the panel. His design work for the issue us also very cool, going with a white on black look for data and title pages that makes it pop from the rest of the X-books.

After X Lives, I was worried that this story might be a dud. But with this extremely exciting issue, I’m on board for what happens next. 

X Deaths of Wolverine #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


This high energy follow-up to Inferno is full of twists and turns. The central mystery is fascinating, and the art looks great. This definitely looks to live up to what the concept promised.

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