The Dark Domain Expands With Two Deadly New Regions In ‘Marvel Future Revolution’

by Gary Catig

A month after adding Spider-Man: No Way Home content, Marvel Future Revolution is providing players even more new additions in the latest update. The next chapter of the mobile open world action RPG will include two new deadly regions within the Dark Domain to conquer.

Users can explore both the Netherworld (ruled by the Ruler of Hell Mephisto) and Niffleheim (governed by the Queen of Death Hela) while they continue the game’s epic storyline to restore peace to Primary Earth.

Other enhancements made to Marvel Future Revolution include:

  • Raid / Specialization Enhancement – Two additional difficulty levels for Raid content will be added for Agents of Omega Fight to enjoy
  • New companions – Ghost Rider, Baron Mordo and Blue Bamf are here to assist in most vigorous combat

And there are more events to come!

  • Dark Domain 14 Day Log-In Event – Get a total of 1,000 Crystals, 4-star Region Costume Selection Box, and more by checking-in 2 consecutive weeks
  • Conquer the Dark Domain Event: Get Companion Baron Mordo, Dark Domain Treasure Box
  • Lunar New Year Craft Event: Collect Lunar Tokens (2022) to craft various items and more

Marvel Future Revolution is now available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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