Art For Art’s Sake #139: Adding A Little Michael Zulli To The Art

by Richard Bruton

More art for your delectation and delight right now – hold your horses, it’s Art For Art’s Sake.

Mick McMahon classic Dredd –

Warwick Johnson Cadwell – Rick’s Cafe American – damn that’s so good

Mike Maihack – Captain Pryde

Michel Fiffe

Sam Kieth – Wolverine Vs Venom –

Steve McNiven – a bit of Spidey –

Steve PughThe Flintstones #1

Staz Johnson – Dredd –

J Totino Tedesco – Sinister Six

Sebastian Piriz

Sean Phillips – a little bit of Vertigo

Mindy Lee – Phoenix –

Mike Mckone – She-Hulk

John McCrea

And to end this week… Michael Zulli.

He’s an artist that started out in comics with The Puma Blues in 1986. Written by Stephen Murphy, The Puma Blues is an incredible environmental sci-fi saga that finally saw a reprint and completion a few years back with Dover Press. But he’s also worked extensively in comics since then, including Sandman, a quite brilliant TMNT trilogy (again with Murphy), and plenty more.

Some from that TMNT trilogy, collected as Soul’s Winter…

A couple of Sandman/Dreaming images…

A rather bizarre Watchmen…

Couple of Swamp Thing images…

And finally one that I hadn’t seen before, a Tales of Spider-Man from 1999…

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