Not Your Final Girl Podcast: 2021 Top Horror Picks With Guests ‘Gag Me With A Chainsaw’

by Brendan M. Allen

Happy New Year, ghouls! As we amble into 2022, Candace and Ariel take the time to reflect on 2021 horror with their pals from Gag Me With a Chainsaw, Corie and Sarah. 

They talk the good, the bad, the ugly, and have some titles everyone agrees on and some they don’t (honestly, that always makes it more fun). Hear them talk about favorites from last year, some mentions of 2020 horror, and what they’re looking out for in 2022. Maybe some of your faves made the cut.

Gag Me With a Chainsaw is a horror podcast about 80s slashers! You can find all their episodes right here, and you can follow them on IG @gagmewithachainsaw and twitter @chainsawpodcast. We’re big fans of the pod and of the hosts, and love to see another women-led horror podcast local to Bakersfield, CA.

Show music by Ariel Dyer –

Show art by Brian Demarest:

Comicon thanks Not Your Final Girl for allowing us to premiere episodes of their podcast. The full Not Your Final Girl podcast archive can be found on Morbidly Beautiful’s official website,

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