A Torturously Terrific Issue: Reviewing ‘Avengers Forever’ #2

by Olly MacNamee


Torture and despair are the order of the day as Ronnie Reyes aka the Ghost Rider, is help captive on Earth-818 by the malevolent Black Skull in ‘Avengers Forever’ #2 from Marvel Comics


Robbie Reyes and Deathlok are imprisoned on Earth-818 in Avengers Forever #2, a dark, desperate world totally at the mercy of the Black Skull. As is Robbie who is violently tortured day in, day out by a gleeful, gloating megalomaniac like no other. A tyrant fuelled with the hatred of the Red Skull and powered by a symbiote to make him unstoppable. And, in these drawn out torture scenes that make up this second, heavy horror-leaning issue, the Black Skull revels in his immense and frightening power as he tried to break the Ghost Rider.

Artist Aaron Kuder, with help from Carlos Magno (and inkers Scott Hana, Roberto Poggi and Cam Smith), keeps proceedings suitably dark, with the only colours seeping through being the fiery light of Ghost Rider’s flames or the dark greens of the dungeons courtesy of Guru-eFX. It certainly helps add contrast to the darkness of the issue and a bit of light to these scenes too.

Jason Aaron delivers a highly intense script that conveys the dire situation Robbie Reyes has found himself in, tortured by a monster who seems to feed from his pain. Eloquent and evil in equal measures, Cort Petit’s reflects this side to him through his lettering and design work, as he reflects the qualities of other characters such as Ghost Goblin and the Ghost Rider too. It’s a dark, depressing issue – well, for Robbie, at least – with a sense of horror to it you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a comic book like this one. And out now from Marvel Comics.

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