Art For Art’s Sake #140: The Comic Art Awaits

by Richard Bruton

In a world where all seems dark and dismal, what we all need sometimes is just a little bit of joy – and that’s where Art For Art’s Sake comes in, just a little bit of light in the darkness… the transformative power of comic art…

Paul Cooke – doing a Miss Marple thing… now this one I’d love to see as a comic…

Benjamin Anders – Sue Storm

And another Benjamin Anders – Captain Marvel and She-Hulk

Bengal – Harley

Russell Dauterman – Multiple She-Hulk’s

Eric Whalen:

I did a variant cover for TMNT. The single most important event in human history. Very smart of me to put Not Final Art on the bottom. If people don’t like it, I have an excuse.

Kevin Eastman – promotional ad for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2, 1985

Batwoman cover – Rafael Grampa

Phil Jimenez Teen Titans #100

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck pt 3: ‘The Buckaroo of the Badlands’ (Uncle Scrooge #287, August 1994) – Don Rosa art

Juni Ba – Thor cover

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Death Of Doctor Strange variant covers – Peach Momoko

Liam Sharp – Deaths Head II

Travis Charest – Bats, cats and Spidey…

Roger LangridgeThe Muppet Show #0

Supergirl in ‘Young Love’ – written by Diana Schutz – art by Tim Sale

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