Sam Wilson And Misty Knight Usher In A New Era For ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’

by Gary Catig

This month will usher in a new era in Marvel Contest of Champions. Recently, Kabam premiered a trailer revealing the newest additions to the mobile fighter: Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Misty Knight.

The video itself indicates a change in the game as we receive a full-on trailer instead of the motion comics of the past. It even incorporates the latest Champions’ special moves in the footage. Poor the Hood, getting his butt kicked by two superheroes. If you place close attention, it even sets the stage for a looming threat to Battle World. See the trailer entitled “Safe Haven” below after reading up on what’s in store for February.

“Galactus is here and has destroyed Hell’s Kitchen! Captain America, aka Sam Wilson, has contacted The Summoner in order to round up survivors and lead them to an old Helicarrier captained by the venerable Misty Knight. With Villains and Heroes aboard, Misty intends to build a neutral community called Safe Haven, a place for those who wish to escape the Galactus Threat. However, not everyone is on board with the idea and begins to plot a mutiny, forcing both Sam and Misty into a difficult moral quandary.”

Also, this month, a new show is set to premiere on the Mojo Network. Check in every week to finish new quests and earn Mojo Bucks to spend in the Mojo Television Network Store. Information on additional MARVEL Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, Mojo Television Network Solo Events, the “All my Ironmen” Quest and more can be found HERE.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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