Hourly Comics 2022: A Totally Incomplete Round-Up

by Richard Bruton

Every February 1st, artists around the world spend their time documenting their days as part of Hourly Comics Day. And every year, I forget it’s coming up and end up realising days later. So, no change this year. But still well worth taking a look at some of the great comics that came up on the radar…

The premise is simple, a comic an hour for every hour you’re awake… or often every hour you can manage to get one done.

And here are some of the results this year… quite a lot of Wordle in here!

That’s Lucy Knisley‘s art as a perfect introduction, and it was Knisley who won Hourly Comics Day – but then again, she always seems to…

Always brilliant… the wonderful Joe Decie

Rachel Smith

Lizz Lunney

Hugh Raine

Neil Slorance – having a bad day… and that’s okay.

Jenny Clements

Tess Thompson – starting early…

Shivana Sookdeo

Kayla Miller

Maaike – doing the Wordle thing –

Mike Dawson


Alex Krokus


Diana Huh

Lily Allen

Melissa Capriglione

Hailey McLaughlin – hourly comics with a difference… the year is 1258

Sage Coffey

Alex Graudins

Savanna Ganucheau


Mich – taking the shortcut route…

Same with Jane


Maddi – and many, many cartoonists will empathise…

And finally, Isa Hanssen manages to sum up my surprise to the whole thing… Every. Damn. Year.

And now just a couple of old faves…

Sarah McIntyre

And of course… the wonderful Evan Dorkin

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