Snyder And Daniel’s Deliver A Strong Start To The Second Story-Arc: ‘Nocterra’ #7 Reviewed

by Olly MacNamee


‘Nocterra’ #7 launches an all-new story-arc and it’s one Hell of a ride, Literally and figuratively. Val Riggs is back behind the wheel and looking for trouble. Along for the ride is new narrator, Bailey McCray aka Piper, and a whole cast of diverse truckers, each with their own sartorial style. ‘Mad Max’ meets ‘Convoy’ and  awhile lot more.


Nocterra returned this past week with an all-new story arc and a very strong opening issue. An issue that delivers some pretty serious widescreen kinetic action as we are re-introduced to a rag-tag team of tuckers, led by Val Riggs, make their way across the dark post-apocalyptic world filled with gruesome nasties. Some of whom we’ve only seen as bit-part players (at best) until now, but one you should recall, Val’s best friend, Bellwether. 

Scott Snyder skilfully reintroduces us to this band of brothers (and sisters) while switching up the narration to Bailey McCray/Piper – the youngest of the Sundog Convoy, but a very important character in the unfolding saga. And it’s through her eyes and words we will be embarking on this next chapter. The multiple perspective is a neat trick and even after one issue is different in so many ways to Val’s previous narration. Particularly as Piper seems somewhat taken with mathematics. 

The graphics, as laid down by Tony S Daniel, have a certain Mad Max vibe to it, but there are far more stylistic choices here to simply boil it down to just one lazy, albeit convenient, comparison. It’s an eclectic mix that effectively establishes a future scape where scavenging and cobbling together whatever you can find is the order of the day.

Meanwhile, as readers are introduced to a new environment, Black Top Bill continues to infest this series with his malevolent presence. A seemingly unstoppable force with more than one dastardly trick up his sleeve. Or, under his coat. And he’s not even the biggest, baddest threat of this issue.

I had previously worried that with not one but two new titles Snyder had set in a post-apocalyptic, and both road trips through a sci-fi fuelled Hell, (the other being Undiscovered Country of course, with co-writer Charles Soule) there would be too much commonality between the two. But with this issue especially, those concerns have well and truly faded.

Nocterra #7 is out now from Image Comics

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