TKO Studios Announces Two New Titles For March 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

TKO Studios has announced the release of a pair of new graphic novels, Black Mass Rising and The Forgotten Blade, scheduled for print and digital release to the comic book market on March 15th and to the wider direct book market on May 1st.

In Black Mass Rising, readers are invited to join writer Theo Prasidis and artist Jodie Muir for a lushly illustrated sequel to Bram Stoker’s terrifying classic.

‘Set one year after the death of Dracula, hope is returning to the lands of Transylvania, and a young peasant girl named Aurelia dares to dream of a better future, free from the yoke of the devil’s hundred years of darkness. But when a mysterious Healer drifts into town, seeking to cure land and people alike, a terrifying new evil stirs across the blasted lands and it seems that the lord of the undead is not through yet…or could it be an even greater evil? Dive into this titanic and darkly fantastical reimagining / sequel of Bram Stoker’s sanguine classic.’

Next up, from writer Tze Chun and artist Toni Fejzula comes a bold new vision of the fantasy action genre with the release of The Forgotten Blade.

‘In the land of the Five Rivers, the magical waters that flow from the Citadel grant incredible powers to the people who know to use them. Power that the Church of the Citadel guards jealously and with an iron fist. Years after Ruza the Unwashed, the world’s greatest warrior and wielder of the mystical Forgotten Blade, destroyed the last chance for the people to overthrow the Church’s cruel tyranny, he is recruited by a schoolteacher to save the souls of her two children cursed by inquisitors for no crime at all. To do that, they must do what no one has ever done — infiltrate the Citadel, discover the source of the Five Rivers, and vanquish the most powerful adversary of all: the malevolent god who created this world in the first place.’


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