Webcomic Weekly: ‘The Adventures Of Croblin’ By Korrina Mei Veropoulou

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly; a column desperately attempting to live up to the whole every seven days thing implied in the title!

Today – Korinna Mei Veropoulou’s The Adventures of Croblin. An energetic, bright, fun, and thoroughly entertaining look at the world behind the scenes of your standard NPCs, Croco and Goblin.

As above, so below. In the deepest depths of the Underworld, past the Acid Lakes and Satan’s Palace, reside all the darkest and most terrifying creatures imaginable!

Also Croco and Goblin, two low level NPCs trying to make it big, or at least get through the day in one piece. Join them as they deal with life in the big city, getting into trouble and beating things up.

Yep, it’s all from the focus of a couple of non-playable characters, the romantically-involved Croco and Goblin, living their lives, hanging out, and heading off to work in some role-playing game or other.

Very simple, very lovely, super-fast, bright and great to look at, The Adventures of Croblin is a delightful mix of slapstick comedy and the honest and genuine affection found in the relationship between the two leads.

This is one of those that I made a note of a long while back and put in the big Webcomic Weekly to-do list. Honestly, it’s a damn big list and I have a terrible memory and there really aren’t enough hours in the day to be able to tell you about all of the great comics out there. So, sometimes it takes a nudge to move things up to the top of the queue.

And in this case, it was seeing Korinna Mei Veropoulou‘s wonderfully energetic and bold work in the pages of 2000 AD‘s third Regened collection, where she’s done a stunning job illustrating the exclusive to the volume new version of Harlem Heroes (out 15 March – and we’ll tell you more about it nearer the time, as well as that gorgeous-looking Harlem Heroes.)

And I am so glad I went back and looked at The Adventures of Croblin because it’s a great webcomic, a hell of a lot of fun, with the simple concept opening up as the series goes on to show us a complex, if unusual, relationship.

So, whether it’s the pining Croco wondering when Goblin is going to come back from the front-line of whatever RPG campaign they’re involved with right now, through to day-to-day domestic life with the couple and their friends – nights out, shoe envy, the terror of posh restaurants, and so much more.

Moving between eye-popping full colour to a more subtle simple colour tone, Veropoulou’s Croblin just made me smile so much at the silliness and inventiveness of it all, not to mention the cleverness and tenderness she manages to regularly add to the mix.

So, just a selection of what to expect…

Bed, Bath and Goblin… and I love the pun on the door – because sometimes you really need an emergency fumigation of your lovely Goblin…

Goblin Needs Glasses… sometimes not seeing clearly might be an advantage…

Croco’s Day Job… because someone’s got to clean up, right?

It’s fun, it’s silly, but there’s a deeply heartfelt relationship at its unconventional heart. The only real problem? – there’s a grand total of 28 issues of The Adventures of Croblin webcomic and Veropoulou last updated it back in February 2021.

You can find the complete The Adventures of Croblin webcomic here, you can see more of Korinna Mei Veropoulou’s work here, and you can follow her on Twitter here.

Now, we’ll leave you with just the perfect intro to it all… the very first episode in full – Hiss

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