First Look: The Biggest Battle The ‘Burbs Have Seen In ‘Getting Dizzy’ #4

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios today revealed the first look of the explosive final issue in the original four-issue limited series, Getting Dizzy #4, from author Shea Fontana, artist Celia Moscote, colorist Gloria Martinelli, and letterer Jim Campbell.

‘As her friends come to her rescue, Dizzy realizes the power of positivity is what charges the powers of the ‘Burb Defender, but there’s still the Negatrixes to deal with. But as they struggle in battle and the power of the Blaster Bracelet wanes, it’s clear that Dizzy can’t hog all of the ‘Burb Defender’s powers and the glory if they’re going to take down the Mega-Negatrix!’

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