Celebrate Valentine’s Day With ‘Black Desert Online’ With New Event

by Gary Catig

Black Desert Online is getting into the festive spirit this month by holding its Valentine’s Day Event once again and they are making it even bigger this year.

The even is currently available until March 9th. Players can earn epic rewards via a Raffle Event to celebrate the holiday. In addition, there are valuable log-in rewards, such as the Box Full O’Love after 60 minutes entering the game. Players can receive up to 10 boxes per day, which can then be used as raffle tickets to participate in contests that begin on February 16. Raffle rewards include the chance to receive intriguing items like the Epheria Carrack Box, TET (IV) BlackStar Weapon Box, TET (IV) Black Distortion Earring, 5000 Capras Stones, Dream Horse Box and more through this raffle contest.

Even if you don’t win these rewards from the raffle, you won’t leave empty handed. Players will at least receive a Sweet Chocolate item, which can be exchanged for other treasures such as Cron Stones, Enhancement Help Kit I, Shakatu’s Shiny Box and more.

To freshen things up, the Gyfin Rhasia Temple in the Kamasylvia region has been updated and revamped. The level is now a solo hunting ground and has become more powerful than ever. Surrounded by Ancient Weapons, the Tower of Transfusion will be the center of battle ground, where players will need to use strategy and tactics to fight monsters.

Players can also get various buffs which in turn will help them to slay monsters that possess a certain emotion. As the Tower of Transfusion absorbs emotions, there is a small chance the Butcher of Gyfin Rhasia will be spawned. Adventurers will be rewarded handsomely when they are able to defeat this enemy.

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