Witness The Might Of The New Mobile Game ‘My Hero Ultra Impact’

by Gary Catig

My Hero Academia is getting mobile in a new game from Bandai Namco. My Hero Ultra Impact features casual RPG combat using the iconic characters from the series.

The English version is a direct translation of the Japanese title and players will have access to a myriad of content on Day One. It will have new characters, features and events including PvP mode.

Since so many people initially pre-registered for My Hero Ultra Impact, everyone will receive 750 Hero Gems (enough for 15 Recruits) after installation. Furthermore, from now until March 16th, there will be an increase in drop rates on Global Release Celebration Recruit for highest rarity characters, UR [Crush Despair] All Might and UR [Ruler of Evil] All For One.

In addition, there will be a Running Start Login Bonus and Global Release Celebration Login Bonus to celebrate the game’s launch. At these events, players can earn useful items everyday such as Global Release Recruit Tickets, 550 Hero Gems and Character Lv Up Bars to train your favorite characters.

Key features include:


  • Experience a casual Quirk battle RPG where you engage foes 3-on-3 using the heroes you’ve trained!
    • Original 3D models of the characters you love, with appealing, poppy designs.
    • Use Quirks with a simple touch, and link up your heroes’ Quirks to pull off skill chains! Unleash the staggering power of Plus Ultra Moves!
    • Train in the Unforeseen Simulation Joint (USJ) with the U.A. High teachers and Pro Heroes! Take on the VE Tower (exclusive to this game), where fearsome foes await!
  • Relive the tale of My Hero Academia in Story Mode!
    • Story Mode begins with the meeting of the main character, Izuku Midoriya, and the Number One Hero, All Might.
    • Watch U.A. High Class 1-A learn and grow. Experience the attack on USJ… and the U.A. Sports Festival!
    • Prepare for the looming threats of the League of Villains and the Shie Hassaikai!
    • Relive beloved scenes from the anime as you strive to turn Deku and his friends into Pro Heroes!
  • Check out a collection of exclusive, high-quality illustrations!
    • Characters’ special attacks and Quirks are beautifully captured in their Cinemagraphy character illustrations!
    • Brand new memory illustrations depict familiar, impactful scenes from the anime and new ones from the game.
    • UR rarity character illustrations can be set to the home screen, where they’ll be animated with the captivating new Cinemagraphy feature.
    • Train up your characters, then awaken them to transform their illustrations.
  • Interact with your favorite heroes at your own Hero Base!
    • The Hero Base is a function of the game. You can customize the inside to look like U.A. High, a villain’s lair, or something else, then invite heroes and villains to hang out there!
    • Take a break from the strains of battle and relax with your favorite characters!

Download My Hero Ultra Impact from the App Store or Google Play.

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