Declan Shalvey Returns To Marvel’s ‘X-Men Unlimited’

by Tony Thornley

The latest volume of Marvel’s X-Men Unlimited launched with Wolverine hunting down Advanced Idea Mechanics and a group of mutants they’d kidnapped. Now, creator Declan Shalvey has returned to tell the rest of that acclaimed story.

Marvel Infinity Comics has published some exciting comics since the format relaunched on Marvel Unlimited, but none of them have made a mark like X-Men Unlimited. In ‘Latitude’ by Shalvey and Jonathan Hickman, Logan promised a kidnapped mutant that he would find them and bring them home. Now Shalvey- both writing and drawing this time- makes good on that promise in a new story arc that includes X-Men Unlimited #22 through #25- ‘Longitude’.

On creating the new X-Men Unlimited arc, Shalvey says, “This new story follows directly from the initial ‘Latitude’ story I did with Jonathan Hickman a few months back where Wolverine hunted down an A.I.M. cell responsible for kidnapping mutants from The Peak station. In ‘Longitude,’ we catch up with Logan as he searches for the last missing mutant and he has recruited some fellow Krakoans to get to the bottom of this. Getting to take all the reins on an X-Men story like this is a rare opportunity that I really relished.”  

On working in the vertical Infinity Comics format, he adds “From a writer/artist perspective, there’s a lot to play with in taking advantage of the format, and getting to just pick and choose characters from the wide X-Men cast was like being a kid all over again.”

X-Men Unlimited #22 is available now, exclusively on Marvel Unlimited, with new chapters weekly.

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