J.J. Abrams Announces Plans For Fourth ‘Star Trek’ Feature

by Erik Amaya

The Kelvin Timeline’s NCC-1701-A is coming out of mothballs.

At an eventful ViacomCBS Investors Day presentation on Tuesday — during which the company renamed itself Paramount Global — Star Trek feature film producer J.J. Abrams announced plans to shoot a fourth feature with the “original cast” back in their seats aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise. According to Variety, the producer said, “We are thrilled to say that we are hard at work on a new Star Trek film that will be shooting by the end of the year that will be featuring our original cast and some new characters that I think are going to be really fun and exciting and help take Star Trek into areas that you’ve just never seen before.”

Stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, John Cho, and Simon Pegg are all expected to enter negotiations to reprise their roles.

The announcement is the latest subspace relay in the long strange route of this fourth Star Trek film. Originally intended to be a time travel story in which Kirk (Pine) shares an adventure with his long-dead father (Chris Hemsworth), protracted negotiations, and the momentary interest of director Quentin Tarantino in his own Star Trek film — to say nothing of the drama going on behind the scenes between CBS and Viacom in the run-up to their re-merger — brought development to a crawl. At one point, S.J. Clarkson was set to direct the film and, sometime later, Noah Hawley came onboard to redevelop the project.

It is unclear which if any of the existing storylines will be revived. It is always possible the Enterprise crew will face an entirely new crisis. Although, to be clear, the film will remain in its own timeline separate from the Paramount+ Star Trek shows.

The fourth Kelvin Star Trek film is not yet scheduled for release.

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