Wolverine Tracks Down A Young X-Man Gone Bad In ‘X-Men Unlimited: X-Men Green’

by Brendan M. Allen

X-Men Unlimited is bringing fans all-new, hard-hitting stories set in the current Krakoan Age. The latest installment, X-Men Green, was first released in vertical digital format on the Marvel Unlimited app and will now be available in print this May.

 Written by X-Men scribe Gerry Duggan with art by Emilio Laiso, X-Men Unlimited: X-Men Green will be told across two issues and feature all-new bonus content. The story is a perfect entry point into the current world of mutantkind, offering an action-packed Wolverine adventure as well as a transformative journey for the fan-favorite young X-Man Nature Girl.

‘When Nature Girl breaks the laws of Krakoa and takes a life, it’s up to Wolverine to track down his former student and take her down… But the young mutant is tired of standing by while humanity destroys her home. Can even Logan quell her fury? Find out as a good girl breaks bad to save the planet!’

Check out the covers of both X-Men Unlimited: X-Men Green #1 and #2 now and pick up the series starting in May.

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