A Playground To Create And Collaborate: Tremendicon Comes To The Midwest This Summer

by Brendan M. Allen

A new multi-media convention is coming to Springfield, Missouri this summer. Tremendicon promises all of the guests, activities, gaming, shopping, excitement, and fun that fans have come to expect from a  science fiction, fantasy, and comic book convention, but also promises a different spin on the “standard” convention.

Tremendicon is billed as a “playground to create and collaborate” for creative professionals, aspiring creatives, and the fans. The focus of the event is on education, inspiration, encouragement, collaboration, and charity. Tremendicon is a nonprofit, donating 80% of profits to Ozarks Food Harvest, and the remainder to grants for individuals wishing to pursue a career in the creative arts.  

“I’ve been to many conventions and even ran one for several years,” said David Stanfield, Tremendicon’s founder and president. “The type of conventions that are out there now serve that audience well and are a lot of fun. I’ve seen something that is missing in those conventions even though it is always there. Creatives are at every convention, from professionals to aspiring professionals to those who might just be curious. I often wonder what would happen if you got those curious creatives and those professionals together in a space designated to let creativity flourish and interaction to be real? I believe magic can happen.”

While Tremendicon will include a vendor’s room, organized gaming area, multi-media room, and more,  this convention will be track-based, with each track having its own space for specialized programming. Creative tracks being explored this year include Artists, Writers, Game Design, Cosplay, Comic Books, Multimedia, Makers, and Kids’ Programming. Activities for every track throughout the weekend.

“Think of each track as a mini convention within Tremendicon,” said Stanfield. “Attendees will be able (to) focus on one track or spend time in all tracks, depending on the experience they want to have.”

Track content will include panels, seminars, workshops, readings, demonstrations, and much more.

Guests for the convention will be announced soon, but they include writers (prose, comic books, and film/TV), artists, publishers, editors, game designers, and more. Guests have committed their time to participating in panels and events, with the goal of educating, inspiring, and energizing aspiring creatives.

The first Tremendicon will be held on June 17 – 19, 2022, at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center.

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