Art For Art’s Sake #142: Opening Phil Noto’s Photo Album

by Richard Bruton

One day we’ll either run out of time or run out of great comic art – we’re betting on the latter. So… with more great art from around the Internet plus a selection from the great Phil Noto’s photo album… it’s Art For Art’s Sake.

One artist and comics historian you should be following across socials is David Roach, author of Masters of British Comics Art. Online, he’ll regularly showcase classic artists and uncover fabulous work from unfamiliar names.

Case in point, Sergio Zaniboni. Here’s David:

Zaniboni was one of the main Diabolik artists and later worked on Horror and Tex. He never worked directly for the UK but as I recall he pops up in a later Eagle annual, reprinting an Italian strip.

Chris Weston – Dredd in a Mick McMahon style…

Darryl Cunningham – from his (hopefully) soon to be published graphic novel, Far Beyond Midnight

JaKe – a bit of Boba Fett

Pander Bros – a typically stunning Grendel

Kev Crossley – Satanus and Dredd

And while we’re on the subject of dinosaurs. Steve Bissette, whose Tyrant is one of those comics that really deserves to be available in whatever form Steve’s happy with –

Will Simpson – Swamp Thing meets Man-Thing

Luke Cooper – Velma –

Pascal Campion Spidey – ‘Face it Tiger’

John Watson – Spidey commission based on a McFarlane image…

Francesca Francavilla – A very Howard looking Hawkeye…

Eric Whalen – TMNT & Cerebus commission –

John McCrea

More Spidey, this time from Chris Bachelo

Russell Mark Olsen – Phantom –

Otto Schmidt – All the Canaries…

Jen Bartel – She-Hulk

And to end this week, time to dive into Phil Noto‘s artistic photo album. A while back this incredible talent did a series of Hank Pym photo album entries – just stunning retro looks for so many of Marvel’s finest…

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