‘Seven Knights 2’ Observes Its 100 Days Since Launch With New Activities

by Gary Catig

Mobile games sure love celebrating release milestones and recently, Seven Knights 2 reached 100 days since its official global launch. Players of the role-playing game will reap the benefits with several activities planned for now until the end of the month.

Every day new missions will be made available for users to take up providing various rewards. These rewards will help them acquire Legendary+ Hero and Legendary + Accessory selection tickets that can be redeemed for the most desired Legendary + hero and Legendary+ Accessory.  Other rewards to collect include a Hero Summon Ticket, Pet Summon Tickets, and Rubies.

A new character arrives to the game as well: Legendary Hero ‘Elena’s Sword Juju’. They are a ranged class hero who is versatile, displays formidable crowd control abilities and firepower, and can be used effectively with other heroes in the arena. From now until February 23rd, there are also Growth Support and Draw Rate Up Events to earn Elena’s Soulstones and other items.

Other activities for Seven Knights 2’s 100 Day Celebration include:

  • New Growth Element: Equipment Enchantment – Using an Equipment Enchantment scroll, players can add various random abilities to customize and strengthen heroes. Enchantment can continuously occur until a player’s preferred abilities are received.
  • Celestial Tower’s 71 ~ 80 th fl. Expanded – Players can look forward to the newly added floors on Celestial Tower where they can meet the new boss and obtain Rubies, and many other rewards

Seven Knights II is available for download via Google Play and the App Store.

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