David Avallone To Take Elvira Across The Multiverse In ‘Elvira In Horrorland’

by Erik Amaya


Writer David Avallone is back with the Mistress of the Dark for another tale — Elvira In Horrorland.

Following on events from the previous Elvira series, Elvira Meets Vincent Price, she remains lost in the Multiverse of Movies, a gallery of pocket dimensions generated by movies both great and questionable. Jumping from classic to classic, facing killers, monsters, and more, Elvira tries her best to get home while landing in a heap of trouble. The first issue, for example, features a hotel clerk who’s positively “psycho.”

This time around, artist Silvia Califano accompanies Avallone in the array of horror movie realities. “Silvia joined me for an upcoming Elvira special – more on that soon! — and she’s one of my favorite artists to work with,” he said in a statement. “This series is a dream for me, and I hope it will be for all horror/Elvira fans … as we bounce around through movie parodies stuffed with enough Easter Eggs for a thousand omelets.”

Elvira herself added, “I’ve always been about celebrating the wonders of movies, especially fright flicks, from the classic to the cheese-tastic … I’m inviting all my fans to join me on this wild rollercoaster ride through so many of my favorite horror masterpieces!”

The first issue is supported with covers from Califano, Dave Acosta, and John Royle. And would things be complete without a cover photo feature Elvira? Of course not, so one will be available.

Elvira In Horrorland #1 is set for release in May.

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