Review: ‘X Deaths Of Wolverine’ #3 Gets Complicated

by Tony Thornley

X Deaths of Wolverine is already the more complicated story of the rapidly unfolding saga. But with this week’s revelation, things are much more complicated and deeper than anyone may have realized.

Cover by Adam Kubert & Frank Martin

Benjamin Percy, Federico Vincentini, Dijjo Lima, Cory Petit, and Tom Muller continue the story of Moira MacTaggert on the run and the Omega Wolverine. And nothing is as it seems.

Moira has made it to her goal — the side of Arnab Chaklidar, the CEO of Epiphany, a tech firm that could change the world. The Omega Wolverine is only steps behind her, though. The only thing in his way is his own children, but he has a stunning revelation up his sleeve.

This issue makes two revelations. One has been building throughout the series. The other comes out of nowhere. Both of them serve the stories in very interesting and different ways. The first is that Moira has turned full heel. There’s no redemption here — she is fully othering mutants in her mind, and is taking action to defeat them. This is no longer the benevolent yet amoral co-founder of Krakoa. She’s an antagonist with little on her mind outside of eliminating the mutant gene. Though how far she’s descended in that hole is a surprise, it’s quickly making Moira more complex than she has been to date.

Meanwhile, the truth about the Omega Wolverine is stunning and completely changes not just this story, but potentially the entirety of what everyone thought was coming next. The Omega Wolverine isn’t a future version of “our” Logan, he’s the Logan of Moira VI’s timeline. Making him this specific version of Wolverine opens up so many story avenues, and changes what his mission could possibly entail. It’s smart storytelling, and paced just right as far as its story placement. 

Vincentini’s art continues to be a fantastic draw for the series. He has a great eye for laying out the page, and he really makes the Omega Wolverine feel human and not just a machine. With Lima, he continues to make the story a visual feast.

The game has changed with this issue and I’m extremely excited to see how in the near future.

X Deaths of Wolverine #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.


The event takes a massive turn. It continues to be a story that we didn’t expect and could shape the future in some incredible ways.

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