Advance Review: Re-engineering Geordi In `Star Trek: The Mirror War – LaForge’ #1

by Tom Smithyman


Star Trek‘s mirror universe has delivered some of the most intriguing stories across the franchise’s multiple series. Tying into the current Mirror War limited series, this one-shot gives some insight into engineer Geordi LaForge’s evil counterpart. While it’s not essential to read to understand the broader story, it does give some insight into the background and motivations for this version of Geordi.


Star Trek’s mirror universe has been a source of excitement, innovative storytelling and even a little controversy over the decades. Debuting in the original series’ episode “Mirror, Mirror” a transporter accident sends members of the Enterprise crew to an alternate universe where the Federation is an evil empire and our heroes are malicious versions of themselves. Several other Trek spinoffs played with the mirror universe, but the next-generation crew skipped the storyline altogether.

IDW Publishing fixed that oversight a few years ago, creating an evil Jean-Luc Picard and crew. Last year, the publisher launched a full-blown Mirror War to cap off its adventures in this fascinating universe. Star Trek: The Mirror War – LaForge #1 is the second in a series of one-shots focusing on key members of the ISS Enterprise crew.

The mirror universe Geordi LaForge is a far cry from the happy-go-lucky engineer of the regular series. While they were both born blind, this doppelganger makes use of what looks like protective sports goggles instead of a 1980s barrette pulled over his eyes. But writer J. Holtham’s interpretation of this Geordi goes well beyond any physical differences. Instead of the reliable buddy, he’s a cruel manipulator who is more than willing to betray friends and lovers who represent an inconvenience to him.

Told mainly in flashbacks as he’s being tortured by a mysterious interrogator, the story fills in some details of this version of LaForge – a difficult childhood because of his blindness, his thirst for revenge, friendship and romance with another engineer. While the story dwells a little too much of that relationship, it provides a nice twist ending that is hard to see coming.

Artist Carlos Rodriguez delivers mainly standard fare but does a good job of capturing the familiar faces of LaForge (played by LeVar Burton) and another key member of the bridge crew.

With the Mirror War continuing for several months as well a two additional one-shots planned, we’ll get plenty more alternate earth stories soon. That’s worth waiting for, regardless of the universe you inhabit.

Star Trek: The Mirror War – LaForge #1 will be available for purchase on March 2, 2022.

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