One Of The Jewels Of British Comics Returns – ‘Robin Of Sherwood, The Complete Look-In Comics’ Available For Pre-Order Now

by Richard Bruton

The Complete Robin Of Sherwood, the comics based on the iconic ’80s TV show from Look-In are set to be released from Spiteful Puppet, in partnership with Rebellion’s Treasury of British Comics and Chinbeard Books.

Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood is often considered the finest TV or film version of the Robin Hood legend, a hugely popular TV show that ran from 1984 to 1986, starring first Michael Praed and then Jason Connery in the title role.

The success of the TV show led to it being turned into an accompanying comic strip by the bestselling young people’s magazine Look-In; which also ran a wealth of interviews, features, and articles (alongside other comic strips) for all the most popular family and children’s commercial television series of the time.

Look-In was one of those uniquely British comic institutions, a beloved title that made incredible works of comic art – and all in a junior TV listings magazine. It shouldn’t really have worked, but Look-In did one very important thing – hiring the best artists in comics to produce lavish, often full-colour comic strips. Whether it was Worzel Gummidge, Space: 1999, Sapphire & Steel, Buck Rogers, or even Cannon and Ball… the art was almost uniformly quite exquisite, from the likes of Mike Noble, Arthur Ranson, Martin Asbury, John Burns, and many more.

Robin of Sherwood – art by Mike Noble, featuring Michael Praed as Robin

The Robin of Sherwood strips ran for the entirety of the TV show’s run, some in colour, some in black and white. The artists were Mike Noble, with Arthur Ranson and Phil Gascoine, and the writer across the whole run of strips was Angus Allan.

And now Chinbeard Books and Spiteful Puppet, in partnership with Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics, are going to publish the entire run of classic comics in a limited-edition collection, with every page carefully and lovingly restored.

Robin of Sherwood – art by Mike Noble, featuring Jason Connery as Robin

The hardback book features specially written inserts by Robert Hammond (restoration technician and graphic designer), alongside Hooded Man author Andrew Orton, and commissioning editor Barnaby Eaton-Jones, plus some of the Look-In interviews, articles, and features of the time.

It is 288 pages and is only available via in a very limited print run and although there’s a pre-order target that has to be met, I think it’s pretty safe to say that there’s no risk that’s not going to happen. However, there’s also a pre-order sweetener for you – a two-month window from now where it’s priced at £35 rather than £45. The publication date is the 31st of May, unless the limited print run target is met – in which case it will be sent out earlier.


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