Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #90 Begins Beyond’s Endgame

by Tony Thornley

Peter Parker is back in the swing of things and Ben Reilly is at his side. It’s the beginning of the end for Amazing Spider-Man’s latest volume- if the two Spider-Men can survive the Queen Goblin.

Cover by Art Adams and Alejandro Sanchez

Patrick Gleason, Mark Bagley, Andrew Henessey, John Dell, Bryan Valenza, and Joe Caramagna return for their last story in the Beyond era before this volume ends next month. It’s a big one, and an interesting difference to last week’s issue.

Peter is back in the webs, and it’s already one of the greatest physical challenges of his life. Even with Ben coming back to save his bacon, they’re going to have to do everything in their power to stop the Queen Goblin. Even if they do manage to stop her, there’s still Beyond Corporation’s supervillain program to contend with…

This issue was a complete 180 from last issue. If you told me it was the exact same creative team, I wouldn’t believe you.

Gleason’s story is still strong. The difference between Wells’ Queen Goblin and Gleason’s still feels a bit weird. Overall though, he gives Peter some great moments that makes his return to the webs feel earned and exciting. The weird moments with Ben from last issue are explained really well, and getting him and Peter back together was a triumphant bit of fan service that is executed extremely well.

Bagley’s art is much stronger this issue. A few panels are still awkward, but this feels like classic Bagley. The layouts are clean and help drive action through the issue. A small thing he does that really made the issue for me is how “New York” the backgrounds felt. It didn’t feel like a generic cityscape, but truly like it was happening in New York. It was a sense of place that Marvel books don’t always excel at.

Valenza’s colors are great. He gets stronger with each issue he does, and here, he’s able to give Queen Goblin a surreal glow, and lights up Bagley’s cityscape with New Ork that’s just starting to light up at dusk. Caramagna did a lot in this issue, with a lot of dialogue and captions. It’s busy but he keeps it from being distracting or blocking the art.

With the arc over, the endgame begins and I’m pretty excited to see how it ends before the series relaunches.

Amazing Spider-Man #90 is available now from Marvel Comics.


The arc winds down with a great issue that’s a huge improvement over the previous. The story is solid and the arc is great, with a few moments that might even be iconic.

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