Fede Alvarez To Direct ‘Alien’ Feature For Hulu

by Erik Amaya

It seems 20th Century Studios is finally organizing a plan of attack for Alien.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evil Dead remake and Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez will helm a new feature in the xenomorph series initiated by Ridley Scott‘s 1979 Alien. Scott is also aboard as a producer of the new film, which is expected to be part of 20th’s commitment to make ten films a year for Hulu. Few details about Alvarez’s plans have emerged, other than it having the strength to get a feature film commitment and it being discontented from the story of Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) or Scott’s Alien extensions, Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

“It was just a really good story with a bunch of characters you haven’t seen before,” 20th president Steve Asbell told the site.

We’re also going to presume it is separate from the Alien series Noah Hawley is developing for FX. That series will also stream on Hulu. Scott is an executive producer on that project as well, so there must be a plan in place allowing them to both occur in different parts of the universe and, potentially, the timeline. And, honestly, anyone who’s read a Dark Horse Alien comic knows space is vast and there’s plenty of room for disconnected Alien stories.

As with all newly announced projects, it is unclear how quickly this Alien will burst out into the world.

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