Romance Is Hell In June’s ‘Iron Man/Hellcat’ Annual #1 From Marvel

by Tony Thornley

Tony Stark and Patsy Walker’s romance has easily been one of the most interesting things about Iron Man’s current volume. With the duo’s engagement on the horizon though, Hellcat has some demons in her past to deal with… literally, and that means June’s Iron Man/Hellcat Annual #1 is going to get pretty hot for both heroes.

Main cover by Logan Lubera

Regular series writer Christopher Cantwell is joined by artist Ruairí Coleman to craft this extra-sized landmark in the story of Iron Man and Hellcat. The duo’s engagement is coming up fast, and after that Patsy needs some time to figure things out.

From Marvel’s press release- After Tony’s shocking marriage proposal in Iron Man #20, Hellcat travels to San Francisco to get her house in order…only this house is an aging Victorian manor left to her by her mother Dorothy. The house and its secrets will reunite Patsy with old friends like Hedy Wolfe — as well as others she’d hoped to leave dead and buried. When a supernatural crisis arises, will Hellcat and Iron Man combined be enough to beat back the flames of Hell itself?!

Variant Cover by Peach Momoko

Sounds like this story will cross through Hellcat’s entire history, from her romance comic days through her Avengers tenure. The majority of the story is clearly going to be influenced by her darkest hour- the supernatural horrors of her relationship with Damian Hellstrom.

“Hellcat has one of the most unique—and at times inscrutable—origin stories in Marvel Comics, but also one of my favorites,” says Cantwell. “I love that Patsy got her start in teen romance comics in the 40’s and yet was still somehow able to ride the wave into the rise of super heroes, becoming Hellcat. With an epic and circuitous backstory that now spans more than 75 years, I’ve had a blast exploring the rich tapestry that is Patsy—first in Iron Man, and now with even more depth in this annual. In this tale, we focus on Hellcat’s peculiar relationship with Hell itself… after all, she’s spent some time there, and she once suffered a tumultuous marriage to Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Patsy began as one of America’s first sweethearts, then became a hero, but she’s felt a darkness pull at her for years. It’s deep and twisted and personal and ugly… and maybe… a little alluring? Her relationship with Iron Man has been a welcome counterweight to that—a light that’s dissipated some of the shadows in her. But this story explores Patsy’s connection to a scarier realm. Yes, she can be charming and bubbly and sweet, but is there a power in those fires of Hell that might illuminate a deeper truth?”

Variant Cover by Christie Zullo

Be sure to check out the annual when it hits stands in June.

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