Watch The ‘Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation’ Trailer

by Tito W. James

A mysterious story that is depicted with vibrant visuals that combine live-action with 3DCG and 2D animation. High school student Aki wanders into a strange world created by the mysterious entity “Hitotsume-sama” in search of her friend Taki, who suddenly disappeared before her eyes. Guided by Taki’s voice, she finds a fictional Shibuya district that is neither dream nor reality. But what lies there?

During this “Golden Age of TV,” shows gradually become more like theatrical films in terms of tone and quality. Now I believe we are entering the “Silver Age of TV.” Much like the Silver Age of comics, the next wave of entertainment is going to be more colorful, bizarre, and fun. Anime and mixed-media are rapidly becoming the norm and I’m pleased to see this kind of creativity being explored.

Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation will be streaming on Netflix Tuesday, March 15.

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