Hunter And Hunted: Omega Sentinel And Captain Britain Join ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’

by Gary Catig

For February, Marvel Contest of Champions added superheroes Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Misty Knight to its roster of playable characters. This month, two more exciting combatants join the popular mobile fighter.

Even in The Battlerealm, mutants are still being hunted down. Arriving to the game will be Captain Britain and Omega Sentinel. Check out a tease for what’s to come in the description below along with the all-new Champion trailer, “The Last Word.”

“The Grandmaster and Captain Britain bring the warring mutant factions of Krakoa, Clan Akkaba, and The Brotherhood of Mutants together for a tournament to decide who is worthy to lead all the mutants of The Battlerealm, but the arrival of a mutant-hunting foe threatens the very existence of all factions!”

Also arriving in the latest update are bug fixes, balance updates, Prime Sentinel Reprogramming challenge, quests and more.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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