Watch the Teaser For New Indie Animated Series ‘Far-Fetched’

by Tito W. James

After accidentally releasing her own chaotic canine creature into the world, an overly-anxious girl named Rue is dragged into a rock band of late-2000’s misfits called Sesamoid. Armed with their budding friendships & an ancient ice cream truck, the gang uncover much more than meets the eye about the town of Veilport and become tangled in a world where science is at odds with monsters & the supernatural.

Created and Written by Ashley Nichols and Dave Capdevielle Far-Fetched is a supernatural indie animated series. I was struck by the impressive production values and I was getting similar vibes to Helluva Boss and Murder Drones. The series also appears to sport multiple openly-queer characters. This puts a smile on my face because it’s so refreshingly organic and divorced form any “focus groupy” machinations. Even in the short teaser clip, Far-Fetched is an example of how indie animation is looking more vibrant and envelope-pushing than traditional network TV.

You can support the creators of Far-Fetched on the official Patreon

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