Capcom Introduces Exoprimal, A Game Where You Fight Dinosaurs In Exo-Armor

by Sage Ashford

During Sony PlayStation’s “State of Play” event, Capcom announced Exoprimal, a dinosaur-focused title that is, for some reason, not Dino Crisis. Exoprimal is instead a new IP that’s described as an “always online, team-based action game.” The game is set in a world where portals open randomly in human society and dump out massive armies of dinosaurs. The only way to fight them is with exofighters, a collection of soldiers wearing powered suits of armor.

Exoprimal’s main mode is called “Dino Survival”, which focuses on competitive PvE and has teams of five battling to see who can clear out a level and its missions the fastest. There’s also a second trailer for the game which has a sit-down interview with the developers. There, its mentioned that the game has a campaign mode, and that players can switch between the different suits of armor at any point during a level.

Exoprimal will launch for PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC in 2023.

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