Graphic Artists Interpreting ‘2000 AD’ Legends in PROG-RESS Exhibition This Month

by Richard Bruton

A brand-new exhibition featuring graphic artists interpreting the best of 2000 AD comes to London from 25 March with 2000 AD and Carhartt WIP presenting PROG-RESS.



Announced this week, a brand-new exhibition hosted at the Dinner Party Gallery in London will feature original artworks from graphic artists and designers Ed Davis, Oliver Payne, Mudwig, Leomi Sadler, Skatething, Gasius, Will Sweeney, Ancco, Hans Berger, and Liv Preston.

The works were originally created and conceived for Carhartt WIP’s biannual publication WIP magazine, the exhibition will feature various Carhartt WIP artists to bring their original takes on the 2000 AD universe. The exhibition will feature a variety of works and formats, including sculpture, painting, and video.

It’s all part of the ever-increasing number of events and celebrations to go with the 45th anniversary of the iconic comic.

The exhibition will be open to the public from 12 noon to 6pm daily, from Friday 25th March until Sunday 10th April at the ​​Dinner Party Galley, 70 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5QA.

Hans Berger
Hans Berger
Oliver Payne

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